L.E.A.P.® Curriculum
for infants

To get the best possible start to early childhood education, infants at TLE® benefit from programmes designed to help develop motor skills, teach British Sign Language and maximise interactions with teachers.

Our year-end milestones

While each day is a fun new adventure at TLE®, the lessons and creative infant curriculum are preparing your child to meet important end-of-year milestones—to ensure development at the right pace. For our Infants, those goals are:

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  • Be exposed to several unique early childhood techniques to build fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop their way of communicating their wants and needs by vocalisation (cooing) and gestural (pointing/infant British sign language) that they can use to obtain adults’ attention
  • Be encouraged to explore their curiosity by learning how to crawl and walk
  • Work on building age-appropriate first-year developmental milestones

Our curriculum components

Starting in the Infant room, children participate in a new themed programme each month that incorporates a wide variety of activities to support every little learner’s overall growth and development. Our monthly themes take children on new and exciting learning adventures through fun hands-on activities that are led by some of our favourite TLE characters.

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Our programmes for infants

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British Sign Language

In this programme, infants begin to learn early British Sign Language to communicate their needs—including how to ask for “more” or sign that they are “all done” or “sleepy”—to their caregivers in their classroom, and with their parents at home. This is an important because it enables parental child communication before they even learn words, so caregivers and parents are able to provide for them.