L.E.A.P.® Curriculum
for preppers

Our mix of curriculum programmes for preppers—along with My Little L.E.A.P.® Books—is designed to challenge and nurture their rapidly increasing physical, cognitive, developmental and social skills.

Our year-end milestones

While each day is a fun new adventure at TLE®, the lessons and early childhood education curriculum are preparing your child to meet important end-of-year goals—to ensure development at the right pace. For our preppers, those goals are:

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  • Build on vocabulary words and be encouraged to use them in sentences
  • Be encouraged to answer simple questions to make predictions
  • Begin to recognise letters, numbers, shapes and colours independently
  • Participate in toilet training skills
  • Develop the skills needed to be ready for preschool

Our curriculum components

My Little L.E.A.P.® Book


Our L.E.A.P home learning books have been designed to ensure that our preppers have consistency between their TLE centre and their home This enables our little learners to build upon the experiences at their TLE centre, supporting with scaffolding and embedding new knowledge and skills in their home environment. Parental partnership is part of our mission, supporting our families with fun, exciting experiences, giving children the best opportunities to reach their full potential and continue to Learn, Play and Grow.    

After group instruction, teachers sit with children in smaller groups of 4 where they are encouraged to complete a page in their own book. Teachers then assess each child’s comprehension and understanding of the subjects covered.

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Our programmes for preppers

Technology and L.E.A.P.® Interactive

We see technology as necessary knowledge for the modern world. That’s why our Technology and L.E.A.P. Interactive® early childhood education programmes introduce our children to our proprietary L.E.A.P. Interactive board, as well as L.E.A.P. Interactive workbooks, giving them hands-on learning through cutting edge technology. Using digital tools, they apply learned concepts such as tracing, tapping and dragging, or circling to focus attention on lessons.

Lessons are brought to life through applications such as Google Earth™ and real-time videos that reinforce learning through exploration and discovery. These state-of-the-art digital tools let preppers travel through the world as they learn about places like Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids of Egypt without leaving the safety and comfort of the classroom.


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Manners and etiquette

We make manners for preppers the foundation of kindness and good behaviour. The children are saying “please” and “thank you,” but also going above and beyond to act out kindness with their peers, by learning to say nice and encouraging things. 

Our proprietary character puppets are a great tool for the children, such as Penny Polite® who helps re-enact good manner scenarios. Our Manners Readers explore a variety of etiquette situations, including talking on the telephone, behaving well in a restaurant and in public, refraining from name calling and treating their peers with respect. This is a wonderful way to prepare them for the real world and build a foundation for good citizenship as they start to learn about the meaning of philanthropy.

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Sign Language

As our preppers build on those skills in Sign Language for children, it becomes about more than knowing to ask for things or express emotions—they’re learning to sign in connection with their lessons about the world. When learning about travel, for example, parents are always amazed at how their children can sign words like “passport” or “suitcase.” 

At the beginning of every month, those signs are printed and sent home with families to extend the lesson in Sign Language for children. The parents are also kept abreast of the Sign Language Alphabet as a resource, and can connect pictures to descriptions of the sign language in order to practice communicating with the children.

Physical fitness programmes

TLE® makes physical fitness an important part of early childhood education, with the help of our friend, Flexi Flamingo, who teaches our children healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Starting at the toddler age, children are learning to move their bodies, as well as to keep their bodies and minds healthy by starting to identify healthy choices.

At TLE®, they’ll learn about going to the doctor and about tools medical professionals use to help them stay healthy. They’ll learn, too, about health and hygiene, expressing their emotions and calming their anxieties with calming yoga for children, and are even offered ways to develop their gross motor skills with balancing, walking, hopping on one foot or two feet, and more.