L.E.A.P.® toddler curriculum

Toddlers at TLE® are treated to early childhood education curriculum that nurtures their new mobility, giving them the chance to learn by exploring in a safe space and to develop their cognitive skills.

Our year-end milestones

While each day is a fun new adventure at TLE®, the lessons and early education curriculum are preparing your child to achieve key developmental milestones—and help ensure child development occurs at the right pace. For our toddlers, those milestones are:

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  • Be encouraged to explore and build their small and large muscles by participating in toddler exercises that get them moving
  • Develop communication skills to make sounds and gestures to communicate their wants and needs
  • Be introduced to shapes, colours, numbers and letters
  • Participate in purposeful play and have access to outdoor activities
  • Start to build a vocabulary of single words

Our curriculum components

Toddlers will participate in a new themed early childhood education programme each month that incorporates a wide variety of activities for toddlers involving problems in logic, maths, reading, phonics and writing skills. Our monthly themes take children on new and exciting learning adventures through fun hands-on activities that are led by some of our favourite TLE® characters.

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Our programmes for toddlers

Sign Language

Our Sign Language programme teachers toddlers to sign and communicate in connection with their daily lessons.  When learning about travel, for example, parents are always amazed at how their children can sign words like “passport” or “suitcase.”

At the beginning of every month, those signs are printed and sent home with families to extend the lesson in Sign Language. The parents are also kept abreast of the Sign Language Alphabet as a resource, and can connect pictures to descriptions of the sign language in order to practice communicating with the children.

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Manners and etiquette

From a very early age, toddlers are learning manners from our Manners & Etiquette coach, Penny Polite. These lessons reinforce the concept of good behaviour—including basics like sitting tummy to the table, using napkins to wipe their mouths and using their communication skills in Sign Language to say words such as “please” and “thank you.” They’re also learning the concept of sharing, taking turns and being kind to their peers, be it in the classroom or in the playground.

Physical fitness programmes

Starting at the toddler age, children are learning to move their bodies, as well as keep their bodies and minds healthy by starting to identify healthy choices. TLE® makes physical fitness an important part of early childhood education, and our physical fitness coach, Flexi Flamingo, helps teach our little learners healthy habits that will last a lifetime.