How To Offer Childcare Benefits To Employees | TLE

Savings, quality and committed partnership

Through TLE®’s Partnering Company Program, you can give your employees (and their children) the benefit of top quality daycare and early childhood education—nearly 90% of our preschool graduates are reading by the time they enter kindergarten.
Studies show that when children start their education early, they maintain a significant advantage over their peers. TLE® gives them that advantage, through proprietary curriculum and programs offered in a fun and safe environment where children are constantly engaged.
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Real cost savings and priority access

Here’s how your employees will benefit from our Work and Family Benefits Program employer-sponsored childcare:

  • 10% tuition discounts
  • Priority enrollment
  • Complimentary “Lunch and Learn” seminars Centers
  • Nationwide access to all participating TLE® Centers

Our team makes it easy for you

TLE®’s in-house team will do everything to make sure your employees have the information they need to make an informed decision to send their children to TLE®. This includes, but is not limited to: brochures, seasonal e-cards, posters, intranet banner ads, detailed emails and (if requested) custom marketing pieces.
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A commitment to being your partner

Beyond giving your employees’ children the highest quality child care experience, we commit to understanding your company’s unique culture and to going the extra mile to save you effort and time.