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Where children can feel comforted, creative and curiousWhere children can feel comforted, creative and curiousWhere children can feel comforted, creative and curiousWhere children can feel comforted, creative and curiousWhere children can feel comforted, creative and curiousWhere children can feel comforted, creative and curious

For many of our children, the first day at TLE® is their first experience with infant daycare, early childhood education and structured learning. We want them to feel inspired and at home from the very start. That’s why we rely on innovative design to make TLE® Centres so vibrant and joyful.

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Purpose-built early education centres

Inside and out, the details of our childhood education and daycare centres were deliberately picked— for the purpose of keeping your children healthy, safe and happy, and giving them the best possible early education experience. Those details include rounded corners and wrapped columns in our hallways and classrooms, as well as security cameras and key fob access.

Take a video tour inside a TLE® Centre

You’ll see right away the kind of fun your child will have—from their first day of infant daycare through to their preschool years. In spaces like Make Believe Boulevard®, children experience dramatic play and nurture their social and emotional skills.

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Explore Make

Believe Boulevard®

Right in the middle of each TLE® Centre, our Make Believe Boulevard® is a scaled down replica of a High Street. It enhances the early childhood education experience by taking an adult themed world and shrinking it to preschool size, helping all children make sense of the world around them.

The right features for each age group

Children have dramatically different needs at different ages, and each TLE® Centre features classrooms and playgrounds that are developmentally appropriate—with age-appropriate educational toys and equipment hand-selected by our team of early education experts.


12 weeks to 1 year old

We provide a nurturing, friendly face, as well as an environment where each infant is cuddled, rocked and played with by our expert early childhood caregivers.


1 – 2 years old

We make sure new walkers have plenty of safe opportunities to explore and engage the world around them.


2 – 3 years old

Our early childhood education experience begins with encouraging sharing and communication, and and paves the path toward the social development of the active child.


2.5 – 3.5 years old

We introduce several developmentally appropriate activities that fulfill the Prepper’s desires to be both quiet and active, including music, movement, art and science.


3 – 5 years old

Preschool education introduces Preschoolers to more advanced subjects—maths, science, reading, technology, art, and shared and independent play.

See a TLE® Centre in person

Bring your child, too! There’s nothing like seeing for yourselves what a comforting, inspiring atmosphere each TLE Centre creates. Whether your child is an infant, toddler or preschooler, we’re confident they’ll love our bright, vibrant school.

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