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Employee Benefits: The best early childhood education for less

When companies partner with TLE® in our Work and Family Benefits program, those who benefit most are their employees—and their employees’ young children.

That’s because those employees are eligible for a generous discount off regular tuition rates at TLE®, a nationally recognized top-rated childcare provider. Eligible employees may even receive priority access on waiting lists. And we’ve simplified the process of claiming the benefits.

How to claim your child care benefit

Determine if your company is partnered with TLE by checking your employee discount website or asking your HR department. Find a participating center near you below and select your location of choice. Complete the displayed form to request additional information from participating centers.


When you enroll (or if you are already enrolled), let your center know which employer you work for and that you are eligible for the Work and Family Corporate rate. Proof of employment at your employer is required.

If your employer is not a direct partner, you may be asked to provide a promo code that would be shown on your online offer.

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