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Summertime means fun at TLE®

TLE® is committed to delivering daycare, enrichment and early childhood education all summer long through our fun and engaging “Summer of Imagination”. It’s the perfect place for your child to have a blast—and to learn—through a variety of weekly themed programmes and hands-on activities.

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A chance to be active, be creative and keep learning

Summer imagination at TLE® is all about curiosity, discovery and having so much fun—while keeping the education going all summer. The activities and weekly programs range from art and music, to science experiments, to outdoor activities like relay races and obstacle courses. They’re all designed to keep children challenged and engaged, while helping them make memories that will last a lifetime.

Fun, imaginative themes children will love

Throughout the summer, we keep children excited and engaged by organising summer activities into fun themes. Here’s just some of what our summer 2020 children will enjoy.
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Something is lurking in the library…and little learners will investigate with Phoebe Phonics—and read a different mystery book each day—to follow the clues and solve the mystery by week’s end.


Two Plus Toucan and Techni Cal will get children excited to explore how machines function—then use maths, science and art to create their own robots using recycled materials.


Bubbles will kick summer off by challenging the children both mentally and physically—by participating in magic shows, trivia and obstacle courses, and by making up their own games.

Grace and Charity will teach our little philanthropists to work together, help the community, do good deeds and give to charity. They’ll create their own hero capes and perform skits that save the day.
Raise the torch! It’s an Olympic year at TLE, so mini Olympians will team up with Miss Chievous and Flexi Flamingo to run in relay races, learn new stretches, and showcase their sportsmanship.

Penny Polite will cheer the children on as they design their own restaurant blueprints, create menus, build cookbooks and transform into little chefs—through creative collaboration in the kitchen.


Our little astronauts will blast off with Lionstein to explore gravity, learn about the planets, and build their own space shoes—they’ll even become wacky scientists to design and create their own planet.


Tito and Ping are the TLE tour guides as children travel through the tropics to encounter new wildlife, build their own binoculars, and earn some stamps on their homemade passport!


With Sonar as their guide, our little learners will dive into the great big world of oceanography—learning ways to conserve water, design and develop their own beach, and create unique sea creatures.

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Ready to join The Learning Experience® for an unforgettable “Summer of Imagination”? From Olympics 2020 to Under The Sea, TLE® has everything for your child this summer.